Hire Our Residential Roofing Experts to Remove Snow on Your Roof

Need help getting rid of the snow on the roof of your house? A white roof might look pretty to look at. But if left unattended for long periods of time, it will cause problems that you don’t want to deal with. Hire residential roofing experts such as Donner Roofing to remove the snow on the roof for you. We have the special equipment that can completely remove snow from the roof of your house in Truckee, CA.

Why Remove Snow Quickly?

Once the snow storm has passed and the weather has calmed down, you need to remove the snow on the roof of your house immediately because of several reasons. For one, if you leave the snow to melt on the roof of your house and the gutters are frozen as well, water won’t be able to drain out property through the downspout. The water will then cause moisture to build up and make mold grow, which is detrimental to the roof itself. Second, snow can get quite heavy and the roof might not be able to withstand too much of it for too long. Hire residential roofing experts like us to remove the snow for you.

We Remove Snow From Roofs!

Our roof snow removal service will make sure that the snow on the roof will be properly and completely removed so that the roof itself will not get damaged because of the snow. From ladders to special equipment that will be able to scrape off the snow on the top parts of the roof, we will come fully equipped with these tools so that we can easily remove the snow from the roof of your house. We’ll be extra careful during the removal process, especially if some of the shingles are a bit loose. Choose our services and your roof will be free of snow before you know it!

As residential roofing experts, we, here at Donner Roofing, also make sure that the roof above your head is clean and well-maintained. If you need help removing the snow on the roof of your house in Truckee, CA, call us at (530) 230-4613 right away!

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